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Site was just updated 09/20/02....8pm Mister Crazy Farmer
Hello again from the land of burning sod. Well the season will be here soon. That is if we have a season here this year. If all goes as normal we will have a 3 inch season total as years past.
I would just once in my life like to see the winter they predict in the farmers almanac.. Year after year the season comes and the crazy farmer is out of his head. I for one am rooting for you Mister Crazy Farmer.
This is whats new. Yes I mean new. Time for a change. A new site with new format will soon be ready. Same bat channel but an honest to goodness new face. Just wanted to let you know....
The sled in the pic next door is being parted out need parts? have them call 219-781-1042

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This site was made to showcase snowmobiles of all makes, and information for the people who love the sport. No brand discrimination here. This site is powered by the pictures and information that can only be provided by you the snowmobiler. I will incorporate everything you send to me to this website.(provided it is in good taste of course). From tech info to pictures of your sled, to pictures of the dog riding your sled.(if that makes you happy)But above all I want to make this the site I always wanted to visit. In advance thank you for your help...
This site was awarded the Snowriders Magazine web page award. Check it out on the "Links for the Common Sledder Page".
Also sign the Guest book located on the "Whats new 3" page.
I try to update this page daily, I look for the most accurate new info to post. So if you have something to input to this page Email me and I will post it. If you would like to have your site added to the links page, send me the URL and I will add it. Any industry info is always appreciated.
But most of all this is the site to post pictures of your sled. Let the world see the ingenuity that makes that sled yours. I would be more than happy to add it. Because above all the factory can make a good platform but only your mind can make it a kick ass sled. That and the aftermarket companies who make bad ass parts.
This is the best time of the year for me. The snow brings energy and piece of mind. There is nothing better than being in the middle of nowhere with a bunch of friends, making tracks atop the factory steed of there choosing. Think snow and more snow, enjoy yourself and ride safe... Happy sled season...

Whats going on in the world of internet snow... is just a fantastic site. Pictures and info on all the new sleds from the Big 4. He also has tons of pics and videos. A definate must see. Check it out at

Check out the new message board on Motohead Extreme. Looks promising with a lot of catagories and a password buffer to ikeep out the buttheads. This can be seen at

As always The message board on Sacha Hindles srv site is laying out the srv info by the pound. Check it out at

Totaly Yamaha has the new pics of the SX VIPER. If you havent had enough here check it out at

John Dee has by far the most comprehensive and accurate weather forcasts in the Midwest. Check him out at Well worth your time.